…down from the Rome where it’s begun

23 Oct

(how many posts about Rome can I make today, how can I work the word “Rome” into that song by J.R.R. Tolkien some more, why am I not writing)

As I was writing the previous post on Rome, I thought of some scenes not properly considered which I fleshed out as I was typing. And then I realized that I’m a lot longer than 25,000 away from the ending. I feel comfortable with saying I’m still 50,000 words away from the ending. (God, that’s a long way to still go.)

Shamefully, part of the reason I like it is, I wanted this novel to come in at least at 120,000. Even better at 150k. This gives me room to edit without shrinking the novel into a short story, and I like that.

So what I’m going to do is this:

1) Between now and the beginning of November, I’m going to reach 100k. Shouldn’t be too hard. I’m not far off.

2) For the Tea Debacle, I will use the remainder of my Rome novel, which should be about fifty words. Assuming I finish it, I will then use my novel (the one I planned to start on November 1st) The Nondescript for the rest of the month.

3) December 1st, I will collapse in my pile of winnings and enjoy none of them because my heart will have stopped.

I’m hoping to finish my 100k limit a few days before November 1st, so I can stop writing altogether, clean up around the house, relax, make notes, etc, before I launch into writing full-bore. (By bore, I mean full ahead, not “boring” so leave me alone).

So there’s my plan.

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