21 Dec

I wasn’t intending to blog today, because whenever Carrie blogs, I feel like her post should sit on top of the page for awhile. They’re such rare occurences. But I feel less guilty about that today, because her post is the interesting and compelling one today, and the conversation rolls there nicely. So I can do a little blog post here.

There’s been no writing done today. Yesterday, I filled up two legal-size sheets of blank paper with nearly-organized notes describing where I am now, all the way to the end of The Nondescript. I have amusing ideas, like “I can maybe finish this book by December 31st!” but they are not to be listened to. Nevertheless, January won’t be half over before I finish the book.  It’s a nice feeling. A lot of the really long plotlines got shifted into a potential book 2 and book 3, and I like that too. It means I can write this book nice and clean, but still have enough there for other books. It’s great.

My wife pointed out that, if I cannot start bringing in approximately $400 by July, (that’s monthly, mind you), then come August when my parents move back into town, it looks like they’ll be doing babysitting duties, possibly, and I have to head back out and get a job. I have piles of angst about this, for lots of reasons, none of which I’ll go into here. I won’t force you all to listen to another 5,000 word blog post. (NOt yet, anyway. I’m not done analyzing How I Wrote Then versus How I Write Now). Immediate result is that this morning, I sent our five or six short story submissions. It won’t help, but it made me feel better for a moment. Off and on, I wonder if I’d really managed to make a success out of God in the Machine, if it would have gone a ways toward offsetting that number. I have no idea.


Off our bedroom, we have a really large walk-in closet. Well, maybe not really-large. By my standards, if a closet is walk-in, then it’s pretty big. I haven’t measured it. It has been, up until just today, a disaster. Piles of clothes that I haven’t had time to sort through (what we wear, what needs to be washed, what to throw away, what to give away, etc,) and it was full of boxes and baby stuff. I have, until this moment, spent an exhausting and sweaty day cleaning it and boxing stuff up and getting everything ready. I did some measurements and utilized the design skills that too much time watching HGTV and Discovery Home have given me, and I am going to turn it from a cramped closet…into a gorgeous library, full of bookshelves and everything. It’ll be gorgeous, if I do it right. I wish I had a “BEFORE” picture to show you, but I didn’t take one. I will post an “AFTER” picture, though. If I really do it right, I bet I can squeeze a little desk in the corner, and while it won’t be the same as having an office, it will be a desk to write at. It will be private. The closet has a door. It will make a wonderful place to write. And, being right off the bedroom — which is where Zach’s crib is, until August-ish — it means I can keep an ear out for him. I can even write at night without bothering anyone. I am hugely looking forward to it. I hope to finish it tomorrow. I’ll post pictures when done, as I said. Or maybe video. We shall see.

Lunch is done, and I am starving, so now I’ll go eat.


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5 responses to “Ooof.

  1. mymidnightmuse

    December 21, 2007 at 2:53 pm

    Good for you, your own little office and library 🙂 By August, you say? Well heck, get this first standalone done, then edit it, then query immediately . . .

    An office and library, you say? How lovely! 😀

  2. Pete Tzinski

    December 21, 2007 at 3:23 pm

    I am counting on, ten minutes after the query goes out for the first one, getting a call along the lines of “Listen, you won’t be offended if we only offer you TWO wheelbarrows full of money, will you?”

    The library’s going to be great! And bigger and cooler and better than I originally thought. Alas, we got rid of all our half-size short bookshelves, I could have done some cool things with a couple of those and some artwork. Instead, we shall have an imposing library that no one will think is cool but us. I even used a tape measure to plan things out. I’m so resourceful. I’m like Holmes on Homes.

    Anyone with the Discovery Home channel would watch episodes of “Holmes on Homes,” it’s a delightful show. It’s jumped up my list, by Dirty Jobs and Survivorman now. For anyone wondering.

  3. carrieinpa

    December 21, 2007 at 4:04 pm

    Way to go, Pete! You put the nails in the coffin of my post! You’re trying to push me to the bottom of the page!

    You could always try stripping. I hear they make good money. *rolling*

  4. Pete Tzinski

    December 21, 2007 at 4:06 pm

    With advice like THAT, it’s a wonder I don’t just take you off the blog! Hmph!

  5. mymidnightmuse

    December 21, 2007 at 4:12 pm

    Listen, Missy, some of us are still waiting for YOU to post 5 Weird Facts about yo’self!


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