…And the sky full of stars

08 Jan

I’m not here, I’m in the Nondescript. Running headlong toward the end of the Nondescript, which I’m now writing on the computer. It needs to get done, and it can’t wait for me to handwrite it to completion, via the Penman Shipwreck.

So: I am typing the Nondescript rapidly. Making good progress. I am using DarkRoom, which I’ve had on this computer for some time, but haven’t been keen on until now. I fiddled and managed to widen the text, so that it’s not such a narrow column down the center of the screen. And I changed it to a nice shade of blue, instead of the green. I have no nostalgia for an old Apple II computer that I need bright green type for. It’s a wonderful writing environment. My mini-Napster player sits unobtrusively in the corner, and otherwise the screen is blank, but for the novel.

The novel goes very well.

I’m still in the Shipwreck, though. In another notebook, I’ve begun writing The Neon God, and am enjoying writing science fiction. This is going to be a good book, I think. I say that at the beginning of all books. I’ve just met Brother Simon Ellis Doyle, who I knew was a monk, but whose personality I had no idea would be like this. I am just about to meet the Reverend Mister Isaac, and my detective, and then the novel gets rolling. It’ll be fun.

I am reading Spook Country by William Gibson. And I am reading Changeling, by Roger Zelazny, one of the two Zelazny novels which I own, but have not read (I have been saving them, like little gifts to myself, because sadly, we will see no more Zelazny novels, and they should be rationed).

All of which is rather more than I came on to tell you. I came on to tell you that this is the greatest LoLCatz picture ever, and it made me very happy to see, and now I have to share it with the world. (It just makes me want to write a story.)

And now, it’s back into the 1940’s. We’re just about to find out who Charley is.

I’ll report in. Be seeing you.


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3 responses to “…And the sky full of stars

  1. tjwriter

    January 10, 2008 at 6:52 pm

    Sounds like fun. I’m accomplishing nothing. Things have been very hairy around here lately.

  2. tjwriter

    January 11, 2008 at 8:07 am

    And I just want to say that I love your science feed over there on the side. It has already given a couple of blog ideas. Very cool.

  3. Pete Tzinski

    January 11, 2008 at 8:09 am

    Hah, I love that thing too. I put it there shamelessly for my benefit. I lose a fair amount of time on, but it’s a massive site and I miss interesting articles, which I later discover through the feed.

    I’m glad someone else likes it. 🙂


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