12 Jan

I need to finish the Nondescript, really, really badly. Not least because the Neon God just got smooshed by a huge, mind-boggling idea for a universe full of stories that suddenly built itself in my head last night. I barely slept. When I did sleep, I dreamt about it. I’ve been struggling to get down the shape of it all day. I am elated.

Anyway, I need to work. So I may be absent. (I always say that. We’ll see.)

Meanwhile, some wise advice.

John Kenneth Galbraith:

“All writers know that on some golden mornings they are touched by the wand—are on intimate terms with poetry and cosmic truth. I have experienced those moments myself. Their lesson is simple: It’s a total illusion. And the danger in the illusion is that you will wait for those moments. Such is the horror of having to face the typewriter that you will spend all your time waiting. I am persuaded that most writers, like most shoemakers, are about as good one day as the next (a point which Trollope made), hangovers apart. The difference is the result of euphoria, alcohol, or imagination. The meaning is that one had better go to his or her typewriter every morning and stay there regardless of the seeming result. It will be much the same.” 

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