Out to dinner

15 Feb

All right. So. To make this quick, because I have to go deal with Mister Baby, I’m going to stop blogging for awhile. And I don’t mean my “I’ll be gone for a week” sort of absence, I mean that until something in the future causes me to start blogging again, I’m all done with it.

My reasoning is pretty simple. OR, my reasoning is bizarre and complex, but I’ll  break it down really quick anyway.

Basically, I’m finding more and more that I’m too tired to have anything lengthy, or useful, to say. And further, I have realized yesterday that blogging is using certain mental engines which I don’t use to write, but which I do use to think and turn over and write notes. It was through careful thought yesterday that I realized how important the meandering note-taking process was to my continuous writing. Not useful note-taking. I rarely refer back to them for anything. The notes are mostly me blogging at myself, if you see what I mean, just aimlessly talking about my story or saying things like So….Alan Peyton…boy, he’s a bastard, I wonder what else he’s done besides the shit he’s pulled in the confines of the Nondescript… which is useless talk, except that it focuses my brain, and it gets me writing.

My note-taking slacked off a few years back, but upon closer inspection, it really tanked when I started blogging. Which wasn’t the end of the world…but I’m exhausted, and my plate’s full of stuff (all of it baby related! How can something that doesn’t even have bowel control occupy so much of my day? Do you know that there are people who have these things on purpose??? Then again, people went to Discos on purpose too.) all of which keeps me from writing. So if there are engines and energies that can be redirected, I’m all for it.

But mostly, I’ve got nothing to say. And so, this blog would turn into an endless series of links.  I don’t really want that.

Happily, I’ll have time to do my weekly column on Castle Debacle, which I enjoy, and who knows where else I’ll turn up.

(And of course, I am utterly reachable by e-mail most days. And, with some feet-dragging, even by Foney Bone.)

(“Telephone.” I mean. If you don’t know who Foney Bone is, g’way.)

So there you go. I’m off. It would be stupid to say “I’ll never blog again!” because that’s probably not true. But for the conceivable future, it certainly is.

What? What? You just came for a video link? Good grief, you’re insatiable.

Fine! Here! Are you happy?

Go listen to Dylan Moran explain the world. He is very wise. And I wish I were a grumpy Irishman. (Instead of a grumpy American, I suppose).

There, you link addict…!

And with that, Pete scampered out the back door while you weren’t looking, and a warm, fuzzy feeling came over you. It lasted only until you realized that he had stuck you with the bill. Also: he had taken your wallet. This was so typical…

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