The joys of digging

01 Apr

I was working last night on getting all the boxes of books out of my office. That’s where they’ve been stored for the past eight or nine months since Zach was born, rendering my office useless as anything except a storage room. Finally, I’ve found somewhere else for them and am happy to be getting my office back.

As I was moving and hauling stuff, I opened one of the book boxes at random and was delighted to find my copy of Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell sitting on top. I’d been looking for it. It’s a wonderful book, thick as a brick and you’re still sad when it eventually ends. You wish there was more.

I also found a book called A Harvest of World Folk Tales which I didn’t know I owned. Edited by Milton Rugoff. That’s my favorite thing about my book collection. Occasionally, I find something I have no recollection of owning, or buying, or seeing…but am thrilled to find it, because it’s exactly the sort of thing I’m interested in.

There. Now, back to shuffling papers and moving lamps and getting my office back into a viable workspace. (And puzzling over why it smells faintly of bananas…)

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