The REAL most wonderful time of the year

03 Apr

It’s finally spring. The snow is melting away (and after the torrential snowfall we had a couple days ago, that says something). It’s warm. The sun is out, the wind is not a punishing thing. Inexplicably, I seem to have a couple hundred flies sitting around on the outside of my house.

I went around and opened all the windows. I’ve been waiting three months to do that (three months ago being when I finally got sick of winter and really wanted Spring).

And. Er. That’s it, really. Working on The Neon God. Having finished The Nondescript a little while ago, I’m writing query letters for it, synopsizing it right now, and when that’s done, I’ll start going through it page by page and tightening it up. The boring bits of the novel world, you ask me. But it’s got to be done, and it’s getting there.

On the radio right now: The Clash’s Should I stay or Should I go, which is a very distracting song to have in the background. Before that, it was The Ramones’ Teenage Lobotomy, another distracting one.

(Have you heard “Woman” by the band Wolfmother? Go YouTube it. It’s a terrific song. Someone on Youtube said, accurately, that Wolfmother is like “Led Zeppelin and the Doors having a baby, which is raised by Black Sabbath” which really is the best of all possible bands, isn’t it? Personally, I think they have more to do with AC/DC than the Doors myself.)

Right. Off to synopsize Chapter Six.

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