Mississippi Queen (if you know what I mean)

16 Apr

Let’s see. In no particular order…

– There are quite a lot of large and tawny men on my roof today, tearing off all the shingles and tar papers and tossing them into a huge dumpster. I keep wishing they would sing salty working songs, and I thought about offering to do one up for them, but suspect I would just get shingles tossed at me. So I’ve stayed inside and Not Been Weird, which seems best.

The Neon God, my next novel if you weren’t paying attention, is proceeding wonderfully. It keeps getting deeper and bigger and weirder as I go. With things like The Nondescript, what normally happens is that it starts off big and weird and bafflingly complex and I tell people it’ll be a million words long, and then as I go, it condenses. Mostly, it just collapses its own waveform. Questions answer themselves and never appear on the page, the characters take care of themselves, the plots sort themselves out. I end with something novel-sized. With The Neon God, the more I find out, the deeper and tougher it gets. I don’t mind, and it may still change.

– If you’re looking for some good music, may I point you to a couple of classic songs? Here’s Rainbow in the Dark by Ronnie James Dio, which is such a catchy song. I know I really love an artist if I already like him, and then I hear an unrelated song on the radio and go “Wow, that sounds so cool, I wonder who it’s by!” and it turns out to be by the artist I was already into.

Like it? Here’s Holy Diver, also by Dio.

And here, for variety, is Holy Diver, done by some band I had never heard of called Killswitch Engage. It’s not bad. In places, it’s quite good, he’s got a great voice. I wish he would leave the screaming-shouting thing out of it, though. It’s not that type of metal. But it’s enjoyable.

What else…

– I’m enjoying quite a lot of Orange & Spice Black Tea. I got a kilogram of it for Christmas and, after diligently drinking it for months now, am not even close to being down to half a kilo. Considering the price for a kilo of tea on, I feel this is a very good deal. (And Taylor & Harrogate’s does wonderful tea).

– The band Killasaurus marches proudly on in Rock Band, and I am still enjoying the guitar bits. My wife is doing nicely on the drums (better than I would. I get thirty seconds into a song and then my brain goes “Wait! You’re a white guy! You have no rhythm!” and I fall a-clatter. My wife seems to be able to ignore that voice.

– You may think you don’t need to see the movie Juno, but you really, really do. And go listen to the soundtrack, too. I have deeper things to say, inspired in part by thinking about the movie, but that’s for another time.

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