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20 Apr

Today’s post is titled by the wonderful Jonathan Coulton song, written for the ending of the Valve game Portal and recently made available as a free downloadable track in the game Rock Band. It’s a strange song to have in Rock Band. It’s so happy and friendly and makes you smile (unless you know how gleefully sadistic the lyrics are…) and the on-screen animations are large burly men and women rocking out while playing this song. It’s sort of like watching, say, Godsmack playing “Surfin’ USA”


The Weather Channel seems to be having a rough time with my part of the world this past week. Today, for example, it’s supposed to be nearly seventy degrees and sunny. Instead, it’s dreary, wet, cold and shows no signs of climbing above forty degrees. Tonight, the LOW is supposed to be fifty-one. I don’t see us reaching that. Mostly, I don’t mind. I LIKE wet and dreary and slightly chilly. I am probably a Troll, or a fungus. Go figure.

On the Neon God front, I had a brilliant idea last night which entails starting over from scratch. It’s a good idea. I just have to wrap my head around it, and decide if I should actually do it, or if I should just ignore it and keep going with the set of ideas I already had started.

Generally, it’s a new-author symptom, where they write a few chapters and then have a New! Now! Better Idea! and start over, or give up on the work in disgust. I don’t have a problem with that, I’ve been writing for too long. But every now and then, there is an idea that comes up which really genuinely does make the work better, and I’m always willing to consider it. (I’m not working on the novel. I’m frozen until I decide this. I’m not adding words just so I can start over in a day or two). So I’m spending a little while thinking it through and figuring it out until I feel comfortable writing one or another variation on the novel again. We’ll see.

Meanwhile, I have an article to write, making a case for comic books to the average person who doesn’t read ’em. And I have a column to write on the history of SF authors and pulps. And I have a Letter From The Editor to write. And other magazine work to do.

(Magazine work, you perhaps ask? Yes, magazine work, I reply. But, cryptically, I fail to say anything more about it until all the work is a little further along.)

I need to talk about my day yesterday, when the roofers finally started working right over me. It went from bad day, to elegant slapstick (at my expense). It’s a good story. But for now, I have to go make the feeding rounds in the house (baby, sick kitty, hungry Pete, dry plant, etc.)

(P.S. WordPress has all sorts of new features right now. So I’m trying out one. Let’s see if I can embed the above Jonathan Coulton song…)

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