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08 May

I only have a minute or two, between projects. Lots of work to do here. So instead of talking about it all, I’ll post a music video.

I like Cascada’s music in general. It’s catchy dance-pop. It’s nothing at all like anything else I listen to, but I put the CDs in now and then and am made happy.

But I only like one of her music videos. I mean, none of them are bad, but I like this one in particular.

The reason I like it is the plot that’s in there. Cascada goes into boring Library and sees boring Library people being boring UNTIL THEY ALL LEARN TO DANCE!!! Silly stuffy library people.

I don’t know. I think it might only be funny if you are actually, er, me. But there you go.

Tomorrow, I’m off to Gigantour, where I get to see bands like Megadeth, Children of Bodom, In Flames, and so on. With luck, I get to see some of them before a beer-soaked massive biker crushes me. If that happens, this will be a pretty sad post to go out on.

I’ll report back on the concert. And I’ll try to talk about Edge of the Universe, and the return of God in the Machine shortly, for those of you (singular) who are reading this.

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