New Metallica Song

22 Aug

Well. It’s better than St. Anger, or Some Kind of Monster.

I think right about the 4:00 mark, it stops sounding nervous and flabby and actually turns into a pretty tight rock song.

A minor note of warning: I think this might be a demo track of some sort, or else just a rotten Youtube video clip, because the sound quality isn’t fantastic in places. It’s not CD quality, certainly.

Having heard the whole thing twice now, I think it’s a step in the right direction. But I’m also aware that it’s eight minutes long, and they have previously done a lot more musically impressive things in eight minutes than they did here.
I’ve been really curious about this next Metallica album. Between their declaring that it’ll be a return to their 80’s form, combined with the fact that they got rid of their producer (Bob Rock, who took them away from “And Justice for All” and put them into things like “Load” and “ReLoad”) for someone else cooler…I’ve had hopes for another kicking Metallica album.

I’m such a dumb optimist… 🙂

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