Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner

02 Nov

Well, me, possibly.

So, I realized I should announce here that “I’m back.” I’ve been sort of back on teh internet for a few days now, I’ve just been so busy, I haven’t said much.

The Gone Dark experiment was a failure, writing-wise. I went offline and, as I mentioned, got severely sick (I’m still recovering, weeks later) and then my wife got sick, and Zach. A little after I got healthy enough to move around again, Zach got a fever, a middle ear infection, and pink eye, and that was when I realized that if I ever hoped to communicate with anyone ever again, I’d best go back on the ‘net.

I got next to nothing written. Nothing I enjoyed. Sometimes, though, life does that, and what can you do? Not resent it, certainly, just get slightly peevish that it doesn’t actually let you do every little thing you might want. Anyway, I got a huge pile of books read, and you know, I count that as an accomplishment too.

So. I’m back. Sporadically. I have so much school stuff, this coming week, it’s not even funny. And somewhere in all of this, I need to take an earnest, really good look at my writing life and figure things out. ALSO…Survivorman Season 3 starts on Friday! Hooray!!! I am so excited. Look, I’m excited enough for a smiley! 😀

Luv, Pete

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