CHildren’s Lit

07 Nov

No more posting today. I have to go eat dinner. I have forty pages of God in the Machine to read first. I have laundry. But…

I just read this article by Tim Kreider, and I think it might be one of the smartest articles I’ve read in some time. I definitely encourage you to go read it.

And while you’re reading about his definitions and descriptions of the childhood wonders we bring to books (all of them accurate, at least in my case), try to remember, as I do, what Ray Bradbury said and what he does. If you can hang onto that vim and vigor, that hyperactive love of discovery and exploration, of the new and the adventure, of the interesting book and the nifty tale…then maybe we can all stave off the ossification of adulthood. Which is a fine thing indeed. If we all grow old into hyperactive Ray Bradbury children, I don’t think this would be so bad.

Right. Off I go. I have to get things done quickly tonight because….



It’s almost unhealthy, how excited I am.

Right, off I go.

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