03 Jul

The problem with being able to blog from my phone like this is, despite the comfort of the keyboard… If I’m out and about, then i’m doing things and thus too engaged to blog.

Although this feature would have been prettty neat a little while ago when I was on the Nevada and Idaho hell trip. But ah well.

I really need to get the bibliography page up. For my benefit since I keep losing track of what’s been published and where. I’m disorganized anyway. Yesterday, I found a short story I had no memory of writing. Certainly never sent it to anyone. So, bemused, I polished it and will find it a loving home safe away from me and my clutter.

I am working busily on the two novels, “Save Us” and “The neon god”. Working on two at once really helps stave off the boredom. Unfortunately, I though of a really fun way to write another novel, my adventure idea, and I wan a write that now. Maybe I’ll work on all three. They’re different levels of difficulty and lightness. It could be useful. It’ll require a lot of focus on my part though.

Well. That accidentally turned into a big jabber.on novels didn’t it? Sorry. I’ll be more interesting next time. (NOTE: I probably won’t ).

A final thing. After the second paragraph of this post, My hands were cramping up so I switched the iPhone to the long landscape keyboard and then, playing around, I laid it down and started Typing with two index fingers, typewriter style. I am amazed at how fast I’m going and how actuAlly comfortable this is.

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