Books Bought: 07/04/2009

04 Jul

I bought books today, out of a clearance bin. And here they are.

Dune, by Frank Herbert (like you need me to tell you about this one? It’s my third copy, but it’s an oversized trade paperback, which makes it easier to read.)

When Science Goes Wrong by Simon LeVay (Twelve Tales from the Dark Side of Discovery, the cover says. That sounds like good fun.)

Forbidden Fruit by Betty Deramus (Love Stories from the Underground Railroad, the cover says. That’s too intruiging to not buy. Don’t know anything about it yet.)

Candy Girl by Diablo Cody (personally, I thought “Juno” — which was by her — was trying too hard to be hip and indie and teen and got a bit annoying. When someone said “Oh my Blog,” I wanted to start stabbing. But it was a good film, and this book sounds interesting and had a great first page. So we’ll see.)

And that…is what’s come into the house today.

I am reading “An Evil Guest” by Gene Wolfe. And that’s actually it right now. Oddly enough. NOrmally I have four books or so going at once. What is wrong with me? (Answer: I’m tired. Not very exciting.)

Right. Off to drink water. (Stay tuned for more adrenaline-rushing updates)

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