Ruminations 2: The Ruminator

04 Jul

Just more burble, really, before I turn off the computer and go away to work for a little while.

I think what I’m really enjoying about writing two books at the same time (and possibly a third, if these ideas don’t go away and seem to be worth adding to the mess) is that when I’m not in the mood to write the one book, I’m in the mood to write the other. The Neon God is a pretty heavy book, which it’s supposed to be. But if I’m not in the mood to work on a heavy book, if I just don’t have the vim and vigor for it…then I take a step to the side, and I work on Save Us, which is also heavy in places (mostly underneath the surface, where you might not notice), but which has a lot more light stuff in it, a lot more fun.

It also helps that I’m treating both as leisurely projects. No one’s waiting for ’em. Selling them, if I manage it, will bring some money into the house, but it’s not going to make me money in two weeks, so why rush? As such, I am also taking periods of time to not work on either book and work on the huge wall of short stories that sit around under the tag TO BE WRITTEN. Those are all different tones and shapes and moods and tend to bring in a little money quicker.

It’s nice. I can see why some writers work solely on one thing at a time, but for me, it really helps to have a whole range to turn to. (The trick, the dangerous bit, is working on it all at once and never finishing anything. Then, you’re no good to anyone. Sooner or later, you have to sit down and knuckle under and work on the story until it’s done and you can get it off the line. Otherwise, it’ll go sour and stale before you’ve finished with it).

I’m thinking about taking a couple of weeks and just turning off the distractions. Turn off e-mail, go away from the wider world of the internet, and just work on writing and reading and things. I like doing that once in awhile (and I think I need to. I dunno why, but the internet preoccupies me sometimes, and I don’t like that at all). And especially since I can blog (and manage this whole site, which is just weird) from my iPhone, I could really just go away and occasionally chatter to you from my phone. I think that’s a fun idea.

I’d probably have to show up once a week or so, to check and see if editors have e-mailed me, and also to give SF Signal something.

Speaking of SF Signal…an idea I got to thinking about again, while being around there, is the idea of doing an impromptu story. I’ve done ’em before. It’s what Harlan Ellison does. You are given the title, or the first line of the story, and then in plain view of everyone, you sit down and you write the complete story, on the spot, with no preparation.

I’ve been tooling around with ways to make that work on the internet, and none of them have made me terribly happy. But I think I’ve come up with something, just yesterday. I’ll experiment more, and I might talk to the SF Signal gentlemen, see if they want to host it.

Or I might not. Which makes it really silly to blog about, doesn’t it?

Right. I have three short stories that need to go out to people, and then I need to write.

Happy fourth of July, United States. And a lovely early July day to you, Rest Of The World.

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