Bring me my pitchfork

18 Aug

I really hate Best Buy.

I already knew this. I’ve known it for years. It’s just that once in awhile, I have a lapse in judgement and do really dumb things, such as go there. In similar lapses of judgment, I also eat McDonald’s. I always regret both lapses.

Today, for example.

Yesterday, I went into Best Buy to look at netbooks. My own netbook, an Asus EEE PC — one of the early ones — has been having more and more problems the past year, and so I’ve been considering other options. It was getting rather bad — something I want to talk more about at length here, later — and I wanted to get something new before school starts up, next week.

Yesterday, I had an intense young man come up to me and say “DO YOU NEED ANY HELP?” and when I said no, he said, in the tone of voice of someone looking for a fight, “DO NOT HESITATE TO ASK WE DO NOT MAKE COMMISSION OKAY?” I chuckled and hustled onward. It seemed safest.

Today, my wife and I went in. I knew what I wanted. A Dell Inspiron Mini. Identical to the one my wife has already owned for a couple of months now. A sexy little computer with, most importantly, a really comfortable keyboard.

I check the computer out, make up my mind, my wife agrees. A girl who works there comes over. She says “can I help you with anything?”

“Yes,” I said and pointed, “I want to buy this one, please.”

“All right,” she said, not moving, “What do you plan to use it for…?”

I blink, because who the hell asks that?

Now, you get those moments where you go “uhhhh” and then, hours later, you think of the clever thing you should have said. We all get them, of course.

For once…for once…the clever thing actually came to mind when needed.

So she asks: “What do you plan to use it for?”

And I answer: “Computing.”

Take that! Harrr!

Of course, I may as well be glib with a brick wall for all the good it does. She just starts blithering about how all these computers can do is check e-mail really and is going on and on despite my saying I ALREADY OWN TWO NETBOOKS INCLUDING ONE OF THESE.

One criteria for working at Best Buy is that you be a twenty-something asshole with the IQ of things-that-grow-on-damp-bread.

(NOTE: if you are reading this, work for Best Buy, and do not meet this criteria, you are the exception. Don’t let them find out they will fire you.)

So. I am writing this blog entry on a lovely Dell Inspiron Mini. Wonderfully comfortable keyboard, although my palm has a tendency to brush the mousepad. Doesn’t do any harm, but it does cause the mouse cursor to fidget across my screen. No big whoop.

I want to talk more about my Asus EEE, soon. When I have more time. A sort of exit interview. That was my first netbook, my first writing-only laptop, and my first Linux machine, and I have Impressions and Opinions. But later.

For now…tea, and getting this computer up to speed.

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