02 Sep

I AM around, actually. I’ve just gone slightly out-of-sight from the internet world while trying to stay afloat, with schoolwork, and housework, and occasionally writing. Plus, I have a reading list that is a mile long, so I’ve been trying to work through that. Remember some time back when I entered Book Meltdown? Actually hit the point where I’d bought too many books and had SO much reading to do around the house, not to mention no space to shelve anything? Well, I’ve read an awful lot since then…and am still in Book Meltdown.

So meanwhile, I thought I would share with you the single biggest torment that preys upon my mind, that has agonized and wrecked the very deepest depths of my soul.

It is this:

My washing machine has three settings: Whites, Colors, Delicates. Probably the same as yours.

My agony is this…black clothes. Because they clearly aren’t a WHITE, nossir, but they aren’t a COLOR, they’re a SHADE. THey’re on the other end of the spectrum from white!

And so every time I do laundry, I fill the thing with blacks, and I set the dial to COLORS and I cry in anguish to the very heavens, my soul rent with the tortured wossname of the fiery depths of et cetera. Well, you get the idea.

It’s not exactly earth-shattering torture…but it crosses my mind and bothers me a tiny iota every time I do a load of blacks.

You watch. It’s just a niggling annoyance now…but by the time I’m forty, I’ll be shooting up Kenmore stores, or something. (I won’t actually do this.)

Okay. Now I’m going to go see about some writing.

Here’s some reading for you. I read this earlier today and thought it was stunning. Reflection’s Edge does some amazing fiction. I’m consistently impressed, month-in-and-month-out. And it probably sounds a bit dodgy, me saying that, since I’ve got a story being published by them in October…but I was blown away by their stuff before they bought anything by me. So there.

Have fun, you big world you.

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