What I’m reading right now

06 Sep

I try to update this periodically. what am I reading right now? I read a number of books all at once, all the time, so it can be a bit chaotic to keep up-to-date. So. I’m reading, right now:

Ilium by Dan Simmons. stunning so far, like everything else the man’s ever done.

A Coming of Age in Second Life, a really enjoyable anthropological field study set inside a virtual world. I like it, but it has the academic text tendency of repeating itself every five sentences. Attention span of a squirrel, that lot.

The Doors of his face, the lamps of his mouth by Roger Zelazny. He’s a master, whether it’s of the short story, or the novel, or whatever else you like. I love his short fiction most of all.

Frauds, Myths, and Mysteries: Science and Pseudoscience in Archaeology by Kenneth Feder. A book for school, that I’m mostly reading for pleasure. Very enjoyable, for the most part.

Troublemakers by Harlan Ellison. A collection of short fiction by the master. Some I’ve read before, most I haven’t. Really enjoying it. And as with anything by Ellison, the introductions are half the pleasure.

Spider Kiss by Harlan Ellison. One of his very few novels, this one’s a rock novel. I’m really enjoying it. The man is an amazing writer, and I wish he’d done more in long form. But don’t begrudge him it, because he’s mastered the short form, and there aren’t many who have done that.

I think that’s it at the moment.

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