Where You At?

03 Oct

The reason I’m quiet this weekend — and there’s always a reason — is that I spent most of last week knee-deep in schoolwork, trying to catch up…and then hit this weekend, discovered I have an exam on Tuesday, and am now knee-deep again.

It’s exhausting stuff. I like the classes, and I like the material. It turns out I really, really dig anthropology. If I weren’t going to school for it, I think studying the field would have become a hobby.

But I hate quizzes and tests. Mostly due to a lack of self confidence. I always assume I know less than I actually know. Which is unfair to my own brain, which seems to retain things quite well (better than it lets on.)

So here I am, writing out an essay for each of five questions. Two of which will be my exam on Tuesday. Which two? Beats me.

The problem I’m running into is that, with this type of thing, I try to be succinct. Which means I’m delivering the information in much less space than is required. College definitely teaches you to woolgather, one realizes after spending a little time there.

It’s all fun and good until a test comes up and then I think “right, time to quit and go get a job making pizzas.”

Well, anyway…

You’ve probably read this previously. Or maybe you haven’t. But here is the wonderful and terribly cool Clive Barker talking about genre. Remarkably coherent and intelligent for being an impromptu speech. But then, anyone who’s listened to Clive Barker knows that coherent and intelligent are good descriptors of him.

I have three Dan Simmons, one Roger Zelazny, and one Harlan Ellison book, all waiting for me to read. I have a two novels waiting for me, and I have a short story that clicked into place two days ago and is ready to be written. I have submissions to send out.


Also, it’s very cold here. But that’s not much of a complaint, because I have this very warm pot of tea.

Okay. Back to the essay grind.


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3 responses to “Where You At?

  1. Lori

    October 3, 2009 at 10:29 pm

    Good luck on your test, Pete.

  2. Shadow Ferret

    October 4, 2009 at 2:11 pm

    Yes, good luck on the test. I re-registered for school, hoping to attend this semester and finish the degree I started back in the 80s. Problem is, the courses I wanted aren’t being offered at night, which shouldn’t be a problem, sez you, because I’m unemployed. Well, Unemployment has other ideas. If you attend school during the day, it means you aren’t available for work and they cut off your funding. In fact, courses at night have to be approved, too. It’s a silly situation. Expecially if you consider that Obama signed a back to school grant (I forget the proper name), but its’ only good if you go to learn a trade. If you want to finish a degree? Forget it. No money for you!

  3. Pete Tzinski

    October 4, 2009 at 11:41 pm

    Ah, Ed, i feel your pain. It’s a lunatic situation, isn’t it? trying to get school, and unemployment, and Common Sense all to talk to each other. School and common sense aren’t actually on speaking terms. And anyone who’s ever had to mess with Unemployment paperwork knows that Common Sense doesn’t come knocking there very often either.

    I have mixed feelings about that school grand Obama signed. On the one hand, sure, it’s useful for teaching people a trade. Although while I tend to nod and agree that “plumbing” and “welding” and “vetrinary technology” are trades…some of the other things that get called trades are a bit less so in my mind. Anyway, teaching people trades is good.

    On the other hand…yeah, it doesn’t cover any other Willy Nilly Degree. Should it? I dunno. If I got a degree in Cubist Art, or something, I am probably not going to contribute anything useful to society (in terms of economics, put down those pointy cubes, you cubists reading this). So I can see why it wouldn’t make sense for the government to throw money at it.

    But then, if the world of politics is a deep ocean, then I haven’t even made it to the beach yet (and am scuttling in the opposite direction, in fact), so I’m not sure what my opinion’s worth on that matter.


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