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05 Oct

I’ve got essays written. Now I have to study like hell. The exam is tomorrow. I will have to able to write two of these essays usefully from memory. instead of studying all day today, we ran errands.

I am not ready at all. It shall not go well. I Am Nervous. And stressed. And dreading it.


While in the mall, heading toward Target, we passed Borders, and I glanced at their bargain bins and wound up buying two books. Yeah, like I need more books. But I can’t help myself. So I thought I’d tell you what I bought.

The Cosmic Serpent by Jeremy Narby. An anthropology book. I have no idea what it’s about. It seems to be about indiginous knowledge and the use of hallucinogens in primitive cultures…but your guess is actually as good as mine. It doesn’t have a back description.


The Coyote Road: Trickster Tails edited by Ellen Datlow & Terri Windling.

A collection of Faerie short stories. It looks well and thoroughly wonderful. The first volume of this trilogy of stories was The Green Man and the second was the amazing The Fairy Reel (from which title, combined with the words “hurdy gurdy,” I was inspired to write a short story called Over the Hills and Far Away, if you’re wondering). Terrific bunch of authors in this one. And a cover by, who else, Charles Vess. The perfect artist for all things faerie.

Right. Dinner is in the oven. And I have so much work to do tonight, to try and get these essays in my head. There’s a pretty good chance I may get to sit down in class tomorrow and just go completely blank. That’ll be fun.

Oddly, while that’s what is stressing me out…what’s making me grumpy is that focusing on this stuff means I’m not reading, and I’m not writing. Ah well. Tuesday after-class, I intend to write-and-finish a short story. And then it’s back to full speed.

He says, hopefully.

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