‘struth! Would you bleedin’ credit it!

10 Oct

Last night, the world got a bit hazy. I looked out the window and discovered that it was snowing, for the first time this year. Not just small dainty glittering flakes coming down, but big, thick flakes falling hard and making the world go white.

I woke up this morning to find the temperature at around twenty-two degrees,  Fahrenheit, with three inches of snow on everything, and one solid sheet of ice on all the sidewalks and roads. On my way to the car, (which is in the underground garage, but what the hell, I took the long outside route to revel in some weather) I took a running start and sliiiiiiiiid across the icy sidewalk.

I love the early snowfalls. Right up through the end of December. From there on, it just turns into a cold, monochromatic slog toward spring. I dislike that as much as the long, sticky-hot days of mid-summer. It’s weather I crave.

Exams swallowed my time the past week or two, but I’m back and alive. I’ve sent all the e-mails that needed sending, I’m all caught up, and I’m writing a short story happily.

And I am reading, at the moment, “Ilium” by Dan Simmons (still, but I’m taking it slow; it’s a long, magnificant book) and “The Time Machine” by H.G. Wells.

I enjoyed H.G. Wells more when I was young and read him. the older I get, the more and more I’m aware of the long political-position diatribes that he goes into. Not so bad in “Time Machine,” but it becomes nearly the whole of the book in later things like “Food of the Gods” and “In the Days of the Comet.” Still, it doesn’t hurt to re-read.

I have this amazing “Complete Sherlock Holmes Stories” volume, which has the stories formatted into newspaper-esque columns, and has all of the original illustrations from when the stories were appearing in The Strand Magazine. It’s glorious to behold. I think I might dig into that next.

Oh, I’m also reading something called  “The Cosmic Serpent” which I mentioned before, and I’m enjoying it no end. Wonderfully clear-written, engaging science. I recommend it if you can find it.

I seem to have wandered off into 19th Century fiction. But that’s all right. There are worse things.

Right. Off to write and do a little reading



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