Just gibber, really

26 Oct

Well, I got about thirty pages into “Jurassic Park” by Michael Crichton, and gave up.

I never give up on books intentionally. I never go “This book is beneath me and I will now set it aside!” I just put it down and don’t feel a compulsion to pick it up again.

It’s the opposite of a book like “Heart-Shaped Box” by Joe Hill, where you pick it up once, and can’t put it down until you’re done without getting the shakes.

I just couldn’t get into it. I enjoyed Crichton’s book while reading it, but there was nothing to draw me back. He doesn’t write compelling or interesting characters or people.  It’s very much “Bestseller” fare, of the Clive Cussler, Dan Brown variety (well, better than that, mind you).

I can definitely see why it compels and why people read a billion copies it. It’s a good book. It just couldn’t hold me.

I also stopped reading the Dan Simmons “Crook Factory” book. And again, not through any failure in the book itself. It’s a good book. I think the Drood-Ilium-The Terror-Olympos Simmons feast I’ve been having of late has actually overloaded me for a moment. So I’m holding onto the rest of Olympos and “The Crook factory” (and my newly bought copy of Hyperion, which I haven’t read) until I get back from my Writing Adventure.

This Writing Adventure stuff is gonna be interesting. I’ve never gone off all this stuff “until the book is done.” And I’ve never gone off reading for ANY reason. But now, the onyl things I’ll be doing really are 1) writing the book and 2) writing notes about the book.

I’m NOT going to be entering or competing or involved with National Novel Writing Month in any fashion (except that it will be November, and I will be writing a novel). It’s a big fun event, but it’s never particularly appealed to me. I’ve never felt the urge to sign up for it. So I guess I shall be a novel writing month all of my own.

I WILL be competing in one fashion. Kristine and I will be dueling word counts through the month of November. We do it every now and then, particularly when we’re both stuck in Writing Slow Motion. And since we’ll be talking primarily in snail mail letters, it’ll be a slow Motion exchange of word counts and insults, presumably.

Did I mention the results of my wife’s ultrasound here? I don’t think I did.

Well, anyway: Tzinski 3.0 will ALSO be a boy, just like Tzinski 2.0 was.

Awful lotta boys in this house. We outnumber my wife and one girl kitty by quite a lot. If there’s a cosmic moral to draw from that, I’ve got no idea what it is.

So now we have to think up another set of boy’s names. The last one was hard enough to name! So this one is going to wind up being called “Xavier Magneto Tzinski” for sure.

Or Igor.

Right. I should go get something done, shouldn’t I?



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5 responses to “Just gibber, really

  1. Kristine

    October 26, 2009 at 5:07 pm

    We’re doing SloMoNoNo – instead of NanoWriMo. Similar, but consisting of snail mailed insults, word counts and tauntings.

    At least 3.0 Xavier Magneto Tzinski will get to wear all those hand-me-downs. 🙂

  2. Shadow Ferret

    October 26, 2009 at 5:24 pm

    Congrats on Tzinski 3.0!

    And that’s the beauty of us being individuals. I love Crichton, don’t consider “best seller” fare to be a bad word, and couldn’t put down “Jurassic Park” because I thought the characters WERE interesting.

    Cussler I used to enjoy. “Raising the Titanic” I thought was chock full of action, but his definitely became formulaic.

  3. Pete Tz

    October 26, 2009 at 5:37 pm

    Ah, see, I don’t think I made myself very clear there at all. I didn’t mean “bestseller” as a BAD term in the slightest, not even remotely.

    Nor would I dare actually slag off on Crichton’s books, since my wife, within hitting distance, would whack me.

    (Although I did think that Crichton, as a human being, was a bit of a jerk; but that’s neither here nor there).

    “best seller”, I don’t think, is a BAD term in the slightest. It’s just that it has a feel to it, like a “hard boiled detective mystery novel” has a feel to it, or a “pot boiler romance” has a feel to it. You see what I mean? Jurassic Park, and Crichton’s others, have a “best seller” feel to it.

    I could define that as fast-and-punchy and feel comfortable.

    So yeah, not a bad thing at all. I was just reading it, noticed that FEEL about it, and definitely saw why people bought five million or so copies. No problems there.

    As for Cussler, I could never get into him. Cussler-the-person sort of put me off, and I never enjoyed the books (although I know loads of folks who do).

    There we go. We here in the Tzinski Administration hope that clears up everything once and for all. 🙂

  4. Cynthia Bronco

    October 26, 2009 at 8:24 pm

    Wow! Good luck to you and your family! 🙂

  5. mymidnightmuse

    October 26, 2009 at 9:07 pm

    Crichton novels definitely DO have that Bestseller “feel” to them, and I can’t explain why I like his novels – but I do 🙂

    I also find Dan Simmons to be AMAZING, even after only having read 1 so far.

    And I can’t wait till the nurses at the hospital ask “Now, have you picked out a name for your new son yet?”


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