Pretties for you

27 Dec

A nice Christmas was had by all. Well, me. Nice things turned up in the house. “Muse of Fire” by Dan Simmons. Star Trek, the original series, season 1 on Blu-Ray. Firefly. Serenity.

Assassin’s Creed, which is a surprising game, and very enjoyable.

Also: exhaustion.

I’ve been working really hard on “Save Us” for a month and a half now, more or less non-stop. I intended to work on it until it was finished, but it’s a complicated book. So I left it between scenes (that way I know where I’ve come from, and I know what happens next) and I’m going off to write a short story between now and January 1st (well, probably a bit after too, since I’m slow and it’s a busy time of year).

It’s a good story. It’s been in my head for ages. But sometimes, having a plot, or a premise isn’t enough. I need to know more. Like knowing what the concept song will be about, but not knowing the tempo, or exact lyrics, or instrument style, if you follow my metaphor.

Then, two OTHER short stories that also needed the rest of the details around their premise turned up and presented all their details. I have, in my head, four short stories to write. And I want to write them. I have new muscle, writing-wise, and it finally matches the ideas. I want to explore them.

So, taking advantage of my expansive library, I shifted all of my reading away from novels and into short story anthologies. I’ve got an awful lot of them. So I’m reading two or three of them, reading various short stories across lots of genres every day. It changes ALL the gears in my brain to short story.

Then, in January, Kristine and I are each writing adventure novels, alongside our regular projects (and probably beyond January, too). I think I’ve got the McGuffin for that book. I know what the stars are after, and what the twist is. And I think I know who the characters are, too. Hey-ho.

My son got, for Christmas, a little electronic keyboard. It’s got dozens of songs it’ll play, and teach you to play. A whole bunch of keyboard sounds (from piano, to guitar, to steel drum, to an alien techno voice that goes YO in various pitches). It has a mixing turn-table. Dance beats and so on. And a microphone. And he’s spent two days now heckling me and the cats with the microphone. “HELLO DAD HELLO HI ONE TWO THREE ICKY DAD ICKY TOBY DOWN HI BAILEY BYE BYE HELLO ICKY DAD” on and on.

There are worse things, honestly.

Also, we got six trillion feet of snow in that snowstorm. But then it stopped snowing and stayed so warm that a lot of it melted. (And then it got very cold, very fast, and iced the whole world badly.) And then it snowed more. Winter’s definitely here, and pretty sternly this year. But I don’t mind.

And here I am talking when I should go write my Trickster story.


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3 responses to “Pretties for you

  1. Shadow Ferret

    December 27, 2009 at 8:53 pm

    The original Star Trek is on Blu-Ray? How much is THAT? The regular DVDs are $100 per season. Who can afford that?


  2. mymidnightmuse

    December 28, 2009 at 2:44 pm

    Icky Daddy 😀 I’m surprised he isn’t singing about the Tatas !

  3. Pete Tzinski

    December 29, 2009 at 3:13 pm

    According to Amazon, the original Star Trek, first season, that I got was something like 65 dollars. And, worryingly, has apparently been pulled because of problems. Mine seems fine. Everything plays, and is lovely. And I’ve really enjoyed seeing the “Enhanced Special effects” that they did. And equally pleased that I can switch back to the original special effects anytime I like.

    (Your e-mail, Ed, has a happy little star next to it, and a reply will be written pretty shortly. I’m mostly out of my e-mail through tomorrow, enjoying my wife’s first three-day holiday in a long, loooong time. And then, I’ll blither at you until you file for a restraining order.)

    …I came onto this blog to say something, but I’ve forgotten what it was now.


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