Random little note

02 Jan

From somewhere inside of a groggy afternoon, when I’ve worked hard all day, my son has gone down for a nap, and I’m trying mightily not to succumb to a nap myself.

“The Neon God” is a novel I’ve down twelve-or-more drafts of, some of them only a dozen pages, some of them a hundred pages or more. The book never finishes, because there are too many problems. I’m putting up too many weak walls to support the heavy house atop them. And when I solve a few problems, more arise. Mostly, the problems were unsolvable, so i wrote the book off and moved on to other stories. I’m not going to obsess over a book I thunked up in the 90’s. I’ve got many ideas.

Yesterday, a small idea turned up in my head, while thinking about “Avatar” and I realized I had just resolved all the major insurmountable plot problems very neatly. I could write it.

I probably won’t. It’s a book that “has something to say” more than it has a story to tell and characters to explore, and I’m not interested in that. The message should come somewhere underneath the characters, at least for me. But still. it’s nice to have the thing solved and sorted in my head.

I’m drinking Masala Chai tea. The nice thing about it is, it’s got such a mixture of stuff in it, each pot you make is a bit different, because different things wind up in it.

I’m reading “Sea of Glory” by Nathaniel Philbrick, and “Mama Lola” by Karen Brown. Both for pleasure. I’m reading pretty slowly. Mostly, I’m writing. Or cleaning. Or drinking tea and fighting off naps.

Sorry I haven’t gotten to my e-mail. I know I have e-mails waiting for answers. I’ll get there, honest. Just have to get some pages written…

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