Nothing but Music

04 Jan

I’m somewhere in the middle (he says, hopefully, though it keeps growing, so who the hell knows) of the short story I’m working on. The voice shifted in the first three paragraphs, and then shifted again, and now it’s in a lovely comfortable place between the first two extremes. I really like it. And I could go on about how handwriting it has been helpful in making the shift happen…but I’ve probably said enough about handwriting-and-me for awhile.

So instead, I’m going to post this, finish my cup of tea, and get back to work.

My wife played this song for me the other day, indicating that it was weird, but I should probably hear it. She was right, it IS weird. But it’s also catchy and I find it growing on me each time I hear it again. If nothing else, it’s such a happy song, it’s sort of hard to dislike.

And of course, you’ve probably heard this one already. But in case you haven’t. It’s a fantastic, funny song. All of their stuff is terrific. And I know some women, pregnant-or-dying-to-become-so who are just like that.

And finally, from one-half of Garfunkel & Oates, here’s Kate Micucci singing “Walking in Los Angeles.” It’s a quiet, sort of hypnotic song. But mostly, I’m showing it to you for the video. Watch it all the way through to the end.

I want to know what happens to these two people after the video ends.

And I have lots of other music and wossnames I could share, but then the blog would shift from “Christ he’s on about handwriting again” to “oh god will he ever stop posting music videos?”

Everything in moderation.

Except for tea. *slurp*

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