A laugh and a growl

14 Jan

The growl first:

I had this weekend pretty carefully mapped out. Get my homework taken care of by end-of-day tomorrow, have the rest of the weekend free to maybe finally get caught up on my hideous back-log of writing stuff.

(I refuse to let school stop writing. If it came down to a choice between the two, I know which one would get shot. Like any potentially life-swallowing endeavor, one must be careful to figure what’s important to hold and what to let go, otherwise you wind up a muddy mess with lots of half-things to show for it, and not a lot of happiness. I’m big on happiness. End aside.)

Anyway! So that was the beautiful plan. Then a note gets slipped under the door. Apartment inspection maybe possibly on Monday sometime.

Grumble. I hate these. The house is a bit messy. In some places, it’s disastrous. I’ve been doing a running spring-cleaning for some time now, and the result of that tends to be huge messes that gradually turn into clean spaces.

So instead, I get to spend the weekend doing the homework, then cleaning. And of course, they may not come to our apartment. They never have before. But this might be the time they do.


The writing will still get in there, damn it. Maybe I’ll just stop sleeping or something. Perhaps I will turn to the crack cocaine.

Which reminds me. You really do need to watch this.

There we go. Now you know. It’s not cool.

The happy thing, now that the growling thing is done:

I finished my long short story earlier, when I blogged happily about it, remember? I then put the notebook on my desk and forgot about it for the whole week. Didn’t even open it, until tonight. My intention was to write a story, then leave it sitting for a week (while ideally writing other things) and then come back and type it into a computer. That way, the typing-it-in is a much stronger second draft. Not just because it’s being typed in and I can make changes, but because I’ll have some distance.

I wasn’t sure it would work, but thought I should try.

I was thrilled to find, as I sat down, that I had forgotten about it all week, and I did have the distance, and I will get a whole second draft out of the process.

I love it when something works out.

It’s probably more exciting for me than for you, granted, but for me, it’s pretty damn exciting.

That’s it. I’d best get on with it.

ADDENDUM: new plan, new growl. As I was writing the above, my son slipped and fell and bit pretty deeply into his own tongue (it’s really gross when he sticks his tongue out. It’s a hole.)

So my wife’s on the phone with a nurse. Maybe instead of homework, I’ll go sit in a doctor’s office for the evening instead. (The tongue’s pretty sturdy. I’m hoping we won’t have to go.)

(I got blood on my shirt. But that seems like a minor thing to grumble about, so I won’t.)

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