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20 Jan

Sort of wandered off the blog for a few days. Mostly because I’m buuusy writing a lot of short fiction. It goes slowly, because this next story (“Dirty Window”) is tricky. It’s a Mobius Strip story, and it’s probably simplistic…but it’s hard work to write. Hopefully when it’s finished, it’s at least worth something.

I’ve also been sunk in homework. I’m enjoying Anthropology a great deal (this current Semester’s class, “Myth, Magic and World Religion” is particularly nifty) but it’s a lot of work. Especially since I’m studying astronomy and biology at the same time. I like astronomy, but I’m not that smart in those areas.

Also, I wandered off and played with Facebook for a few days.

I don’t mind Facebook, I guess. I don’t quite see how people can lose hours and hours of their days ON facebook. I suspect I’m not using it correctly. I’m using it as a sort of conversation-enabled Twitter, so I’m probably not getting The Full Experience. But I am getting to talk to some wonderful friends I don’t otherwise talk to all that much, so it’s nice for that.

Yesterday, we went to the Twin Cities. I took along my empty Lamy fountain pen, intent on going to the Paradise Pen Company which is a store in the Mall of America. Beautiful, posh-looking store. One gets the impression that every pen costs a hundred bucks. Not true at all. For one thing, I saw a display of lovely Safari Vista pens in many exciting colors, and they aren’t more than twenty-five bucks.

They had a little piston converter for my pen. And I bought a pot of blue-black Parker ink, with which I’ve now filled my pen. Converter was five bucks and reusable-until-it-breaks (which I doubt will happen anytime soon). Ink was ten bucks, and will last quite some time. I’m very happy.

They had a really nice bottle of Waterman ink which was a gorgeous turquoise color, and I really liked that. I think I’ll get that one, the next time I need ink. (My wife advised me to get blue, or black, for this first bottle. It was good advice. Get something functional now,a nd something fun later. Very smart. And it’s a gorgeous ink.)

I was unaware that blue-black was a color all on its own.

Also, I brought Zach in with me to buy the cartridge and ink, and he charmed the two nice ladies behind the ink counter, them both being mothers or grandmothers, and him being a cute little human.

Also, a elegantly coiffed man from, I think, the Ukraine, harrassed us from a booth in the Mall, offering to curl our straight hair, or straighten our curls, or something. Very odd. For one thing, at the moment, I haven’t got any bloody hair to straighten or curl. And when it does grow out, they don’t ask. I think they assume something’s nesting in it and it’d be best not to pay any attention.

What else. In the dollar store (where we buy bottles of water before roaming the Mall of America), a towering black man told us to go in front of him in line for no reason (we were hardly rushed). Then told us that life was too short to hurry. And then began singing something in Italian, in a beautiful soprano voice, for the whole dollar store to hear.

That’s why I love the Mall of America. It’s a whole self-contained world full of the best people, even the weird ones. I think that’s why I like cities in general. Life is more condensed there, and sometimes more interesting because of it.

Today’s exciting plans: grocery shopping. And after that, if my heart can stand it, some homework-based reading. And if I’m still conscious after all that excitement, I might work on “Dirty Window” and see if I can’t get it out of the way, so I can get on to the next longer story.

Have a lovely Wednesday, world.

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