How to catch hypothermia

23 Jan

If you live in Minnesota at the moment, here is how to catch hypothermia:

Step 1: go outside in the freezing slushing rain-ice-snow that is coming down.

Step 2: Die of hypothermia.

I’ll stay indoors, thanks.

So, I finished the story “Dirty Window” yesterday. It took longer than I thought, because it mostly didn’t work. Got halfway through and it went clunk. I knew from the outset that there was a good chance it was a dud of a story. But halfway through, I knew which word came next and wrote that. And then the one after. And I just kept doing it until the story came out somewhere.

It’s not the story I thought I was writing. it makes more sense than what was in my head. And it’s a bit spooky. My opinions on it are mixed, so I’ll have to send it to a few people and see what they say.

Writing it taught me some useful lessons about writing, though (or reinforced things I already mostly knew). So it’s not a failure.

And anyway, I like how it sounds.

Mostly, I’m offline at the moment. I’ve got SO much writing to get done, that I want to get done. And i’ve got lots of homework, some of it piling up while I nip off and write. And somewhere in there, I intend to spend time with my family and, er, brave the rain and snow and ice or something. Watch television, probably.

So mostly, the computer is shut and sitting on a shelf while I’m busy. I know I’ll have to pop on tomorrow night, because I’m really trying to get the SF Signal articles into the system once a week, on Sundays nights.

After that, I may be back online. Depends on what I’ve got done. When I can get two more stories done, then I won’t be falling behind and sinking any more. Both the stories are a bit long, I think, so who knows what’ll happen.

Right. Tea’s up. Time to go write about trains, and soldiers, and the dead…

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