My day, and what it looks like

30 Jan

This is a pretty boring post, I imagine. But here we go:

1) I have quite a lot of Astronomy reading to, er, read and possibly understand. I definitely need to get that done before tonight.

2) I need to stare at this Finnish magazine and this Czech magazine and try to parse out the languages enough to find what I need from them. (maybe you need a special sort of mind to find a problem like this fun, but I’ve got it.)

3) I need to find copies of some contracts I have floating around. I could probably use a “filing system.” Although then I would just lose the file.

4) My spookshow story has had two false starts so far. That’s enough of that. today, I start it and pursue it through to the end. Or at least, I get the story firing on all cylinders. Once it’s hot, I can keep it going even if it’s not all today. It’s those initial sparks that are sometimes the trick.

5) I have got to find an end to this SF Signal article which I’ve been writing for, seriously, ages now. I really didn’t want to rush it and produce slop for them, and I think it’s a good article. Now I just need to find an end to it, sometime between today and tomorrow night.

6) Seriously, this loose leaf mango black tea is fantastic. Fresh and unbroken and perfect. Each pot has been velvet smooth and delicious, and I may never stop drinking it. My wife is going to come home one of these days and find a small tea-scented puddle where I used to be. or possibly quite a large puddle.

7) I should probably take the trash out.

Puzzling over Finnish and Czech is interesting. I can parse out some languages a lot better than others. I can read Spanish pretty well, given a bit of time. (I used to understand it spoken too, and could say enough to get by, but alas, those skills have faded after too many years living in the Great White North). French, I can do likewise. Latin is easy, although this does me no good at all, since there are no magazines being published in Latin vulgate for some baffling reason.

Finnish is proving doable. I’m getting around. But I am completely lost in Czech.

I love languages, so I find parsing them out AND getting lost in one equally as interesting.

I can’t even begin to find a foothold in Chinese, or Korean, or Japanese, or any variant thereon. It’s completely alien to me. I wish it weren’t, but I don’t mind all that much. It’s a challenge, and I’m interested. So one of these days, i’ll be able to bumble my way around in those languages too.

Okay, away, away with me. More tea and more word-based things, is what.

I hope you’re having a lovely warm weekend, wherever you are. It’s astonishingly cold here. No, colder. You step outside and it takes your breath away instantly and makes you cough.

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