Writing, snow, Harlan Ellison, etc

08 Feb

I’ve more or less vanished from the computer world, because I have too much work to do, and I don’t get enough done when I’m active on Mr. Internet in any form. The internet and writing (these days) each take a different set of gears.

So I’m off for a bit. In theory, I’m doing my five-pages-before-the-internet strategy for the day…but to be perfectly honest, I’m just off for a bit, five pages done or not. For one thing, I want to find the end of this long short story, and I won’t do that bouncing back and forth.

(Inexplicably, I’ve discovered today that this short story, which is a spookshow monster story…will probably not have any monsters in it, and will be more Alfred Hitchcock than spookshow. Go figure.)

The past three weeks, with steady internet use, my brain’s been gently buzzing and hyperactive, the way I get. It means my writing almost stops. My reading stops. And I’ve been struggling to finish this article for SF Signal for three weeks now, which I hate being overdue on.

(It’s not the internet’s fault, it’s just my head. If I were an alcoholic, it wouldn’t be the alcohol’s fault, it would be mine. But still. Gotta do what you gotta do to get the words done.)

I’ve got some serial work coming up that I don’t want to talk about too much yet. But I’ve got the first three episodes planned and a lot of backstory stuff, and I’m going to start writing those soon. But first, I’ve got to clear my plate. There’s eight short stories waiting for me, four articles and five reviews (all for SF Signal), and I’m really itching to get back into “Save Us” and see how Ryan’s doing in the hospital.

And I want to get a huge amount of this off my plate, before this summer when The Mysterious Serial project happens, and a Mysterious Book Project also happens. Both will take time and energy. I can’t wait for ’em, but I want to be able to really devote to them.

I sure am being cryptic aren’t I? There’s probably no reason for it. It’s not like the entertainment press is reading this blog waiting for news. But it seems like bad taste to be non-cryptic at the moment. So. Er. There.

It has been snowing and blizzarding for two days now. Today, the snow has not stopped moving horizontally at high speeds. Mostly, I can’t see the road from my window. A guy just shoveled the sidewalk outside of my apartment, and the snow around him was up to his waist. Some drifts are rather higher. I’ve counted a dozen cars stuck in our parking lot today, trying to get in or get out.

Minnesota weather. Love it or hate it, you can’t ignore it.

Okay. Going away now. I’ll pop back in with little updates on what’s getting done, just because I can. If you’re waiting for an e-mail from me (and some people are) then, well, sorry. It’ll be a bit. Can’t be helped.

A final thing before I go. People always talk about how caustic and angry Harlan Ellison is. and he is, to an extent. I guess I’ve been following him long enough and with enough interest to know that that’s not all there is to the man. And I thought an interesting thing which showed it was this.

we’ve all seen his Pay the writer clip. It was very popular during the 2007 Writer’s Strike (which we lost in an awful lotta ways, folks)

One thing I wish they’d included is the REST of that scene. You can see it if you’ve watched the amazing documentary Dreams with Sharp Teeth. I really wish it was included in the above clip, because it’s a perfect commentary on the man. When he realizes he was over-the-top angry at the end of the first clip, you can see him pause a moment, and then say the following bit. It’s a terribly human moment.

Maybe it won’t change your opinion of him, and that’s okay.

here you go, what comes next:

There we go. See you in a bit.

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