Baby Can’t Drive

09 Apr

I’ve got stuff to talk about ’round these ‘yere parts, but first, let’s get some music going, shall we?

I discovered the following song — Baby Can’t Drive — by accident last night, and was giddy and laughing when it was done. THAT is some fantastic rock right there. And may I just say how blown away I was by Nicole Scherzinger’s voice on that song? who knew the singer from the Pussycat Dolls could rock? damn.


Next up, an Alice Cooper song. A recent one, because I thought it would make a good counter-point to that very early song in the last post. In the grand narrative of this blog (or whatever), this provides consistency. Or something.

Between the two songs, you get quite a lot of Slash guitar-playing in your life, don’t you? Well, there are worse things.

Anyway, I just love that Alice cooper’s been doing this since the mid sixties (first album was 1969, but they were in existence before that certainly) and he STILL can turn out an album that is original and creative, and he can turn out a song like that.

He’s on tour right now with Rob Zombie. The “Gruesome Twosome” Tour. I’d very much like to go, but probably not.

This internet-only-on-Fridays schedule is working very well for me. I’m not getting very much WRITING done, or indeed very much ANYTHING done. I’m catastrophically behind on schoolwork, I’m writing sluggishly.

I’ve also done that weird thing I do whenever I’m really exhausted, or really mentally occupied with something: I get stuck in my reading and wind up just reading one or two books (or one or two authors) over and over and over and over… When I was, a few months ago, working on an extremely knotty novel (the 15th draft in the past ten years, and the last one. when it failed, I said “fuck it” and got on with my life), I got stuck and read nothing but Terry Pratchett books and Neil Gaiman books in an endless cycle.

Right now, I’m stuck on Joe Hill’s 20th Century Ghosts and his latest novel Horns which, may I just say, was beyond stunning. SUCH an advancement from Heart-Shaped Box. He’s such a writer.

I’ve learned a lot being stuck on his short stories, though, and that’s a good thing.  I’m still going back and forth – do i talk about the things I’m sorting out mentally and getting right in my own writing? or am I superstitious enough of the working method that I just keep mum about it? Is talking about it sort of like saying out loud that you don’t believe in fairies and then they drop dead in a flutter of wings and a puff of gold dust as they drop? Hmm.

So if I’m not getting extra writing done, and not getting caught up on homework, what’s the poitn of this fridays-only schedule?

Mostly, it’s a shield. It’s me being aware of the exhaustion and fragility of my own wee quivering brain and saying “you need to remain unbruised, so that when you DO get back to work, you don’t have to fight yourself to do so.” The internet is definitely the biggest compulsion/vice I’ve got. So by shackling it now, I remove one problem for myself a little later.

And to be perfectly honest…I am seriously enjoying all the weeks of time off my wife has for her maternity leave. That’s got my attention over the internet.

We’ve been watching all six of the Star Wars movies over the past week or two. I’ve gotten her interested in the British show QI and we’ve been watching that.

We go out music shopping. Or we sit with the computer playing random songs and try to guess who or what it is. We laugh at obscure CDs we own (My wife owns Dance Hits of 1997. So that’s useful). I discover new music and show her and get shouty when she doesn’t like it, and vice versa.

We’ve been kibbitzing and going around about music for ten years now. It’s been our most consistent hobby, and I love it. Although the older we get, the more our musical tastes converge. That means that soon, we’re going to sit down to argue music and it will go like this:

“I enjoy Disturbed’s 10,000 Fists CD.”

“I agree.”

“Good. We are in agreement.”


and then we’ll have to find something else to argue about, such as sandwiches.

I have been handwriting all my fiction and all my articles since last November, with nothing but pure pleasure. I’m still mostly doing that, but I’ve very recently (the past few days) begun to consider shifting some of it to the computer. writing on the computer again. I’m not really doing it yet, but I may well do.

I like handwriting, because it forces a level of thoughtfulness and mindedness to the writing process that I think is important. It also helps with brevity. And it makes it easier to do a second draft. If I had a golden rule of writing, it would be “Write on purpose.” meaning…don’t throw your shit around. Know what you’re saying, what you mean, and what the words do. Do it on purpose. Handwriting, for me, makes that easier.

Nothing wrong with writing on the computer, though, I guess. As I said, I may wind up doing a bit more of that.

not for the short stories, though. And probably not for the novels necessarily. But for some things, we’ll see.

that’s it from me for the moment. It’s late and I’m tired, and there’s an infant who needs feeding. I actually have something I want to talk about, but it’ll wait. Maybe until I’ve slept and it’s Friday-daytime. We shall see.

Go back to the top of the post and rock out some more.

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