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20 Apr

This is mostly because I have too many tabs open full of stuff I want to make note of. So I’ll put it here, and then safely forget about it.

The Mantras of Gerard Way – I was pointing out how impressive I thought he was BEFORE he won an Eisner Award for his comic The Umbrella Academy and before My Chemical Romance produced the phenomenal Welcome to the Black Parade CD. I like his mantras there. They’re pretty good mottos to take with you in life. Particularly the first one. Never let ’em know you’re new at this.

A look at the SF Museum in Seattle –  It’s an interesting post. but what  I mostly am hanging onto it for is a particular picture the post. The one showing all the handwritten pages of Neal Stephenson’s Baroque Trilogy. Something like 17,000 pages. And bottles of ink, and ink cartridges. As someone who 1) handwrites his fiction and 2) finds big books alluring, that picture is damn sexy.

An interview with Neal Stephenson –  Held onto for the section in there where he talks about his writing method, by hand. I like his method. I don’t use quite that, but I’m pretty close.

An Evening with Neil Gaiman – I’m only a little ways through watching the first of the two videos, so there’s little I can say. Except that the two moderators who are feeding the questions to Neil Gaiman look astonishingly nervous.

That’s all. I’m reading a couple of books right now. One is Anathem by Neal Stephenson, which is very enjoyable. Another is A Glimpse of Nothingness by Janwillem van de Wetering, and that one is really terrific.

I’m working my way through a story I can’t talk about yet.

And I’m enjoying the opening scenes of a story set in a hospital, at the deathbeds of two men. If it works right, it’s a story that’ll look fantasy until you look closer and realize it isn’t at all.

I’m drinking some tea.

Getting very little sleep (it’s okay; I actually function better on not-quite-enough-sleep than I do on a solid eight-to-ten a night).

And, occasionally, going for walks with my son. It’s a good way to spend a spring.

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