Of course, in Alabama, the Tuscaloosa

01 May

Let’s see…

I tried blogging on these ‘yere parts via the WordPress App on my iPhone. It was just a vague blithering about the lovely gray misty weather outside. I hit publish. “published,” it told me.

It never appeared here. I wonder if it vanished, or if it went off to live on some other blog somewhere? Or if it waits in limbo until its karmic debt has been paid, and then it comes into this world?

Er. that was rather more mental than what I thought I was going to say.

I have four anthropology articles — of varying length and density — to read and write about each day, from now through Monday. And if I miss a single article on any of those days, then the remaining days pile up with even MORE articles. I have to have it all done and put square by Monday morning at 7:30 AM. It’s hard work. Mostly tedious. The articles are enjoyable, but it’s a fair bit of work in a short time.

Additionally, on Sunday (er…that’s tomorrow…), I head off to a Catholic Latin Low Mass, on which I’m doing a paper. I see the Mass tomorrow. The paper is due on Tuesday. That’s a pretty short time-span to generate the paper in. While, at the same time, continuing to read and write about these articles.

Long couple of weeks, this past one and the next one. Worst of all, every time I get ten minutes of downtime to work on an article, all I want to do is write. I’m just into a short story I really want to pursue.

Fortunately, it’s a sturdy enough story, it’ll wait. And I’m working on it, bit by bit. I promised myself I wouldn’t let school ever overwhelm writing, ’cause that’s a good path to misery and regret.

I am drinking a seriously good pot of Lady Grey tea. Some days, it comes out a little wonky. Other days, it’s a perfect, smooth pot. That’s probably a metaphor for life, or something.

here, music. “Elephant, Elephant” by Evylen Evylen. A conjoined twins act, who are aided by Amanda Fucking Palmer and Jason Goshdarnit Webley. Just try to get it out of your head.

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