14 May

Despite previously mentioning how much I really enjoy blogging, I don’t seem to do it very often, do I? Well, it’s been a busy few months, and it’s still a busy few months, so I don’t feel too terribly guilty about it. I’ve mostly been using the odd moments throughout my days to try and get some writing done. The problem is that I’m coming from a complete standstill in writing.

Mostly, I have no angst about it. I knew it was going to happen and to be honest, I let it happen. Last time I had a child, my writing was collapsing (it was collapsing anyway, having a kid just meant I was too tired to try and fix things, not that I knew how yet). It was calving already, like an iceberg into the ocean.

This time, though, my writing is functional and functioning, and so I’m less concerned about lapsing in my writing. So I’m spending time with my wife, before she goes back to work, and I’m raising Nathan through the exhausting, time-consuming early few months of childhood.

He nearly sleeps through the night. It’s amazing.

Someone I know suggested I blog every day as a way to keep the writing engines fresh. While I appreciate the suggestion, I just don’t equate blogging and writing in my head or on paper at all. They’ve got nothing in common to me. Now I could probably use blogging to warm up for doing e-mail, I suppose, but that’s about it.

…and this is really not what I came here to blog about.

Yesterday, I was thinking about a short story I was writing, for a magazine whose deadline I thoroughly missed. It’s a good story, I’m still rolling on it. It’s a super-hero story. And I was thinking, I do have a lot of those at the moment, don’t I?

And I do. Without being specific, I’ve got two or three super-hero short stories, a super-hero novel, and a handful of issues of a comic mini-series. All filled with super-heroes, and about super-heroes. It’s not that I’m really needing to tell smash-bang-pow stories of super-heroes, but I do think there are other things that they can be used to talk about.

Anyway, realizing how many super-hero stories I seemed to have which all had a similar theme and set of points, I was suddenly wondering if maybe I had one massive unified work. Not a serial, as is my usual first thought, but a comic series. With one-off stories, and much longer story arcs. Looking at just the handful of ideas I’ve got now and their length, it seems to me I’ve potentially got something of a number of comic issues.

so I’m working on it in a vague sort of way.Laying down ideas on paper and saying “if this was a comic series, how would it fit together? How long would it run? Do I actually have enough ideas of sufficient variety to make something like this viable?”

Of course, even if I do, then I have to write me some scripts. AND find an artist interested in doing this with me, since one doesn’t simply send scripts to comic publishers: they want finished pages, of varying numbers, to show that you and the artist are a functional team who can do the work.

So that’s what I’m trying to figure out right now. And while doing that, I’m also — in another notebook — writing a pretty quiet horror short story. That is, it’s not very much horror until the last few pages. It’s a good story, though.

Okay. I was going to say more, but now I have to feed a small human. Ah well. I’ll say something more soon.

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