15 May

“Different strokes for different folks,” Sam Vimes said.

“I generally find a single stroke at neck level suffices,” Ahmed said. “Don’t look like that. I was joking.”

(that was random)

For the past two months, I’ve gotten very little sleep as I’ve dealt with a newborn during the nights (almost every night, so my wife could rest and try to regain her energy before going back to work; she had to take over a few nights when I officially pushed myself too far and would fall asleep while trying to feed the baby). It’s been rough first thing in the morning, but nothing that a pot of tea and some yogurt can’t cure. And I do fine during the rest of the day, except for an occasional tendency to nod off mid afternoon.

The past week or two, though, Nathan’s hit whatever switch gets hit and started sleeping well through the night. A large bottle before bed, and he’s good for six or seven hours, then another bottle, then dozing through the morning.

It means that suddenly, I was getting a solid eight-or-more hours of sleep again. And also suddenly, I was wrecked. Just exhausted and brain dead and shot during the day. All day, it felt like I could just close my eyes and be gone. Awful.

Last night, I deliberately stayed awake until one or two in the morning, writing notes and reading and so on. Then I woke up at six.

The wake-up was slightly rough, but otherwise, running on much less sleep…I feel pretty good. Alert and sharp, or as sharp as I ever get.

The moral of this is: you can keep your eight-to-ten hours-recommended-sleep.

My wife and I are playing Burnout 3 some more. it’s a Playstation 2 game, and thus has (gasp!) older graphics and not so many features! as a Playstation 3 game. but what the hell. It runs on our PS3, and it’s still, frankly, one of the best racing games made.

I say that about two or three Playstation 2 games. Baldur’s Gate, Shadow Hearts (1 and 2), Final Fantasy X, Burnout 3. Brilliant, perfect games that age very, very well. There are amazing PS3 games, too, I will grant you (Batman: Arkham Asylum, Uncharted 1 and 2, Bioshock, inFamous, The Force Unleashed, the list goes on), but the PS2 ones have a special place in my heart.

There are two reasons people collect something considered vintage. One, because they are a collector of vintage items. And two, because someone doesn’t see it as vintage at all, but merely as a valid era they might have passed through and never quite gotten over.

I just heard a thud and grumble, which means my older son’s awake. Which is my cue to hit PUBLISH on this, spend some time with him, and maybe get back to work on this long short story.

I’m around sporadically, but am mostly just steering clear of the internet for a little while. Fortunately, it seems to continue running without me.

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