Never look back

27 May

That’s probably a good motto to have, methinks.

I don’t know why, but I went back to the beginning of this blog and was reading some entries, coming forward. I started in January 2007. That seems like a lifetime ago.

Since 2007, I’ve had two children.

I’ve become a stay-at-home dad, and haven’t worked SINCE summer 2007.

Trying to deal with kids and the changes in one’s life, my writing fell badly apart, and it’s only now, in 2010, that I’ve fought with it long enough that I’ve repaired it.

I’ve published some more, but not much, and nothing I’m that proud of.

On the internet, and in real life, I’ve turned into a recluse. Some days it’s necessary, but some days I can’t convince myself of that, and most days, I don’t enjoy it.

Since 2007, i’ve gotten better at keeping up the house, but not much.

I’m a little older. I weigh a little more. I don’t write very fast anymore, and I don’t race deadlines for the pleasure of showing off, or stay up until 3 AM writing, or work on schedules and produce a lot of stuff.

I am a bit older, a bit more tired, a lot slower, a bit lonely, and a bit gloomy. And it’s probably just because I’ve got a splitting migraine, need to be writing, and am almost out of tea.

Well fuck. May as well go haul my gloomy ass and go get some writing done, huh? Better than flogging it all over the internet.

Metallica’s Load is a fantastic album. It’s my favorite. You should all go off to youtube and listen to wonderful songs like “Until it Sleeps” or “Outlaw Torn” or “Ain’t my Bitch” \

Love, Peter

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