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30 Aug

This is just a wee late at night post to tell you, the world, that I, the author of this blog, am now the owner of a Sony Digital EBook Reader. It’s lovely. I’ll take a photo of it tomorrow.

It was normally $180-ish dollars, but was on steep clearance at our local Target, down to eighty bucks or so. For THAT price, I could justify the few uses of it. And Renee, my wife, seemed to think it would be useful too.

It feels lovely and solid. It took me five minutes to get it talking to my computer and running.

I went to Project Gutenberg and downloaded “The fall of the House of Usher” by Poe and plopped that on there. Renee and I have to read it for a Horror Cinema class we’re taking together (mostly for fun. I adore that once a week, i get to watch classic horror films with my wife, and occasionally take a class break and go sit in a cafe together. it’s like a small date every week. I can’t actually say emphatically enough how much I enjoy that part of it, besides the horror films) (and the only required text for the class was volume one of Neil Gaiman’s Sandman comics, so tell me that isn’t cool).

Anyway. Assigned reading was “The Fall of the House of Usher,” due by tomorrow. It’s my favorite Poe story, but I finished re-reading it this afternoon (in our big leatherbound gold-edged book, the complete poe). On the reader, it’ll be a bigger text size and more comfortable for Renee.

Then, I found a Volume of Great Short Stories on Gutenberg, with people like Dickens, Stevenson, Henry James Poe, Twain, and more, and plopped that on there too.

since it comfortably takes Word files, and PDFs, I plan to take perennial things I read on the internet — such as extremely long Alan Moore interviews, Dan Simmons essays and so on — and plop them into files and put them on there.

Not to mention The Legend of Darkness and Light, by Kristine Williams, who is a bit grumpy that I called Midnight Reading an “Evil International Publishing Corporation”….not because of the evil or corporate implications…but because if I had phrased it different, I would have called it EPIC. Since she is EIPC.

Next time I mention her, I’ll come up with a much cooler acronym. OR say something else about her, narrowly miss a cool acronym, and my body will wash up mysteriously in the Pacific Ocean.

And on THAT cheerful note!

I feel like rubbish. Stiff and achey, my head hurts, my throat hurts, I keep coughing. I ate lunch at one this afternoon and now, ten-thirty at night, still feel as full as if I have just eaten. Overall blah.

So I bid you good-night.

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