Small Tea thought

01 Sep
It’s not uncommon for me to dribble tea down myself while drinking. Pathetic, but not uncommon.
It’s also not uncommon for me to bump into the cup and slosh tea all over the table.
It’s quite a lot less common for me to REALLY bump into the cup enough to spill it across the table and send it dripping down on the floor.

It had been up-till-now completely unheard of for me to bump into the cord of my laptop which would drag my whole tea pot off the table, landing it with a THUNK on the wooden seat I was about to sit on, sloshing half the pot onto the chair and the shirt I hadn’t picked up yet. In a clumsy attempt to grab the pot, I knocked it onto the ground, where it sloshed out more tea, bounced a little, had the lid fall off, and landed precisely upside down some inches away, emptying the rest of itself.

I feel like that was my ultimate moment. As if, having done this, I should now stop drinking tea, for I will never achieve a clumsy tea moment of that height (depth?) again.

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