A chain of music

04 Sep

I was going to include youtube videos embedded for the music I’m talking about, but realized that would really fill up this entry with clips. Anyway, they’re all known songs. Nothing esoteric here. You can go find ’em.

So for the first chapter of “Save Us,” which I did some major revamping of today (in my head, just rebuilding stuff that’s to come) I decided I wanted to use a piece of lyric from the Rolling Stones.

Obviously, to ACTUALLY use the lyrics when the book is published would get expensive quick, but I tend to jot lyrics at the front of books, stories, chapters, etc. just to give me a tone.

So that was the beginning of the chain. I went to youtube and I listend to the Rolling Stones: Ruby Tuesday. Fantastic, amazing song.

I love the Stones, but they tend to be one of those bands that I forget to mention when asked about bands-I-love.

So this quickly led to me listening to, by the Stones, Paint It Black (maybe my favorite Stones song, it’s chilling and amazing) and then Honky Tonk Woman and Under My Thumb and (Can’t Get No) Satisfaction, that famous opening guitar riff haunting the rest of my night.

From there, I wandered off and listened to the Byrds: Turn Turn Turn, another amazing song. (Alice Cooper said about it “it’s a song you know within three seconds” and of course, he’s right). Listened to that and sang along, while Nathan gazed up at me with the stupor of a well-fed-baby.

From the Byrds, I remembered a comment I had read on one of the Stones videos, someone talking about whether or not the Beatles and the Stones invented rock. And I thought, well, no, and I doubt they’d claim that.

So I went off to someone who maybe DID invent rock: Chuck Berry (I would argue he invented guitar-driven rock, certainly). I listened to Johnny B. Goode, and then Roll Over, Beethoven.

Then, as is the way of me listening to music, I went off and looked up B.B. King. I listened to The Thrill is Gone in two different versions, one live by himself, one live with Gary Moore. (Gary Moore, who did the song “Over the Hills and Far Away” which Nightwish did an amazing cover of, if you were wondering). I also listened to Still Got The Blues.

B.B. King naturally reminded me of another favorite of mine, Tracy Chapman. So I went off and listened to Give Me a Reason. And I was listening to Talkin Bout a Revolution.

And then I stopped, came here, and told you, gentle reader.

This actually illustrates why I don’t listen to much music when I write. Because I really love music, can’t NOT focus on it, and wind up too often wandering off on dizzying tangents of semi-related pieces of music. That’s all fine and good sometimes (like tonight, when I’m just killing time waiting for Renee to get home, and chasing a seriously hyper child). When I’m writing, it’s really unproductive.

Anyway, there you go. May I suggest YOU go spend an hour or so listening from the Stones all the way through Tracy Chapman? That’s a lot of good music, you ask me.

Love & English Breakfast

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