The post-zoo-post-brain post.

09 Sep

We went to the zoo, and it was a blast. I got to ride a Carousel for the first time, and it was fun. and I rode a wee dinky train with Zach. I could have tripped faster than it moved, but that was fun too. Then we did the Mall of America, I bought some books (a heavy brick of Hemingway books, for one) and then, exhausted, we went home. It was lovely.

And that’s nearly all I’ll say about it, because I am TIRED. The combination of two kids, school, housework, is just killing me. I’m stunned at how overwhelmed I’m getting. I’m hanging on with my teeth. It also doesn’t help that I’m sleeping really poorly. And none of that is even talking about writing, which I’m struggling to fit into the day (there’s no time, and in the rare bits where there is time, I’m tired beyond the cutoff point. The cutoff point being the place where I say “I am too tired. Anything I write beyond this will, I know from experience, be thrown out tomorrow. Therefore I will read.”)

Tomorrow, I hope to hang on with fingernails as well as teeth and get some shit done.

I am fascinated by writer/artist work ethics. Obsessed with them, as anyone who knows me can attest. All the people I admire have certain elements in common (I think that’s true of the people anyone admires) and one of them is powerful work ethics. I just came across a small bit about Joe Hill, who is amazing, and thought I’d post it here for posterity. A post-it note to myself.

Q: What’s your writing/reading schedule like?

I write 7 days a week; on the weekdays I go for a six-hour stretch with a break for lunch. On the weekends I’m more flexible, but I like four hours. If I’m facing a mess of deadlines, I’ll also sometimes go back and do a couple hours in the evening.

I try and read 20 pages a day and one comic. If I’m short on time, I skip the comic.

And with that, I bid you a groggy and nearly incoherent good night, having talked about nearly none of the things I wanted to.

Love & Mango black tea

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