The Toll Booth OF THE MIND

18 Sep

“The definition of an unpublished writer is a dude who only writes when he feels inspired. Writing is a job–you punch the clock like anyone else. I go six hours a day on weekdays, and if I’m on deadline for something, I’ll usually sit down and do a little more in the evening. And I write two to three hours a day on the weekends, just to keep my hand in. If I don’t feel like it or I’m not in the mood, I do it anyway. I tell myself I’m a guy who works in a toll booth. Ideas are the cars that pass through. Sometimes there’s no traffic, but I still have to sit in that toll booth in case someone turns up.” — Joe Hill

Aaaaand I sort of wince a little, because I definitely don’t write as dilligently as that. I want to. I wish I did. My slowness and lack of steady work ethic is the one major frustration I continually have.

Some of it, I blame on having small children, which are a hell of a handful. Mostly, I think blaming it on anything but me is a cheap cop-out.

Anyway, so rankled, I’ll finish feeding everyone dinner and go write.

(I feel better, by the way. Coughing and cruddy and Phlegmic, but alive and functional and not so creaky.)

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