Harry Potter & Twilight

01 Oct
The difference between the Harry Potter phenomena and the Twilight phenomena is something I was telling Renee about the other day.
There are a BILLION copycat vampire books now, vampire movies, Twilight movies, all of that…and in the middle of it all is a more or less silent Stephanie Meyers who has nothing to do with it, not really. It’s all bigger and beyond her,a nd she’s actually irrelevant to it. Moreover, beneath the hustle and hype and vampire nonsense….there are no real actual literate authors who are saying “shes’ a good writer.” She’s shit. Stephen King said it and risked the ire of twilight fans (I’m sure he suffered so much, losing those whiny tweens. You can’t tell me they were reading Misery anyway).
With Harry Potter, there were tons of copycat wizard and fantasy novels popping up, tons of movies, every childrens franchise was being made into films (Lemony Snicket, Percy Jackson, etc, Spiderwick) trying desperately to rake in some money. But at the heart of it, there was actual literary respect for J.K. Rowling, and her books. They were actually good, she was a good writer, and anyone was thrilled to admit it. And now, some time later when the wizard hype has died…..the Harry Potter books are still relevant and read, she’s still respected and in existence…and I suspect that the Potter books might actually hang around for a long time. I’ll happily hand them down to Zach and Nathan, and that’s the ultimate trick to a book hanging around. Would you give it to the next generation?
I don’t perceive the Twilight books as being something that’ll hang around.
(Of course, who knows, but still. That’s what I think. And since this is my blog, well, neener neener).
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