Novel Brain

13 Dec

I’ve got novels on the brain. I’ve been thinking that I need to start writing a novel anyway, but I think of late, enough of my friends have been producing really excellent novel-length work right under my nose that it’s rankled and I wanna get with the program.

In an ideal world, I’d just write short stories for a living, releasing one volume of short stories a year. I would love that. But even then, I’d be doing a novel now and then. I simply have ideas that need novels.

And I LOVE novels. And I’ve been thinking, it’s been YEARS since I’ve attempted a novel. I’ve grown hugely as a writer in just the past year. Maybe it won’t be so rough. Who knows?

So it’s time to start. I’m going to write a book, while continuing to write short stories, while continuing to do comic scripting, and while, soon here, continuing to edit and work on anthology stuff with that sexy beast, Lucien Spelman. I won’t turn off Facebook, e-mail, blog, internet, or anything else. I’ll just work it all in. It’s called a “work ethic” and “discipline” and I’m developing both.

Anyway, so now I need to decide which book to work on.

I’ve got four possibilities.

– Super-Hero novel about rock, metal, life in a city, rape, super-heroes and villains and real people, and so on. Very keen on this one. It was the last book I tried to write, and I got  alot of good stuff in it, but I just wasn’t ready. I’ll be starting from scratch and seeing where I have to go.

– Historical Carnival Novel – This one, I wrote a complete version of in 2007. I was never happy with it. I realize that books wander away from your initial ideas while writing them, but this one went completely and entirely away from anything I initially wanted, and I wasn’t pleased with where it went. So this time, it’d be more what I intended.

– Historical Slaver-Era Novel – this is a big huge book set in the era when the African coast was being pillaged for slaves to ship to the New World. It’s a big epic, but it’s REALLY research heavy.

– Attic Story – this one, which has a different title (they all have titles, I’m just being squeamish about revealing them for now) is about a man who, for various reasons and plots, winds up living in an attic above a house where other people live. It’s a surreal, strange, menacing novel, it’s very organic and I’m drawn to that quality of it.

basically, I’m inclined toward Super-Hero Novel and Attic Story. The other two are so research-intensive, I don’t think I want to START with that. I have a lot of stuff thunked up for both Attic Story and Super-Hero novel. The question is just, which to I want to sit down and WRITE?

As of this typing, I’m inclined toward the super-hero one. I’ve got stronger ideas for it, the other one is still a bit muddy. The Super-hero one, I know an awful lot of the plot, and a lot of the characters whose lives I want to wander in and out of. The biggest thing I had to decide is, where do I start? Do i start with the traumatic event that happens a year before, or do I start with the startling super-hero incident that kicks off the novel? Typing this, I think I start with day one, the startling super-hero incident, and go from there.

What a useful blog post this has been.

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