The 15-song-meme

27 Dec

This is an old internet meme, but I just came across it and thought, well, why not. Here’s how it works.

1. take all the songs on your iPod and put them on shuffle.

2. write down the first 15 songs that come up no matter how embarassing

3. post them.

So I did. And this is the list:

1. Signed, Sealed, Delivered I’m Yours – Stevie Wonder

2. Nemo – Nightwish

3. You Rock my World – Michael Jackson

4. Dancing in the Night – Rolling Stones

5. Sahara – Nightwish

6. Criminal – Eminem

7. One – Metallica

8. One Day – KT Tunstall

9. Bones – The Killers

10. The Four Horsemen – Metallica

11. Anon: Hodie 2 – Monastic Choir of Saint Benedict

12. Family Portrait – Pink

13. Electric Head: The Ecstasy (part 2) – White Zombie

14. Super-Charger Heaven – White Zombie

15. Dead Babies (live) – Alice Cooper

Not a bad list. Not totally accurate, since I don’t have the entire music library on my iPod, just the stuff that I’m likely to listen to (there is no feasible mood I could be in that would make me listen to Garth Brooks, so he’s not on there, for example).

And there we go. Time permitting, I think I have one more post in me before the New Year, but until then,

I remain,

yr. friend,

Lord Dr. Peter Damien Tzinski (sr.) (esq.) (jr.) (wtf.) III

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