…and then what?

08 Jan

I don’t talk about writing too often here, because…well, there’s so many places on the internet with so many people talking about writing that I just don’t need to add to it. But there’s something I thought about last night that I want to put down.

I’ve been working on this long short story for a little while now. I’ll call it “Red” here, which isn’t the title, but will do. It’s a hard story to write, because it’s really pretty brutal in places (and beautiful and sad in other places). It’s also hard because I keep having to go days and weeks between writing. (life, moans Marvin the Paranoid Android. Don’t talk to me about life.)

I keep chugging away at it. Last night, I did three pages. And then headed to bed. And as I headed to bed, I realized something.

The story just hasn’t caught on fire for me yet. I’m not swept away in a magical tide of “omigod this is amaaaaazing” or anything. But…I know what happens next. And I know what happens after that. And each individual scene is coming across okay. If they were really bad, I would stop and re-work, as is my way. So there’s no fire, but there’s no stoppage, and…I know what happens next.

And so I’ll just keep writing. I’ll write the next bit. And then I’ll write the bit after that.

It’s how writing works some days. Many days, perhaps. You’re just laying bricks. You don’t have an epiphany with each brick you put down, and some days you may not really want to lay bricks but…well, you don’t hate it, and on the whole it’s a good job. So you just keep putting down bricks. And maybe tomorrow, something will be slightly different and make this the coolest job in the world.

Writing, I mean. Not brick-laying.

Although brick-laying might be pretty cool too.  I’d be rubbish at it, though.

Anyway, that’s my thought. Nothing magical or world-changing, just a thought.

I then got up from bed, went back into my office, and wrote the first paragraph or two of a short story I meant to start back in November, but couldn’t get on with. I like the first two paragraphs. They set tone and character for the story. So when the longer story, “Red,” gets too much and I need a break, I’ll step away and work on this other one. It’s not a bad way to work.

Love & Lady Grey

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