writing methods & me

29 Jan

Here’s what I’m puzzling over right at the moment:

On the one hand, I have really shied (that doesn’t look right. Shyed is worse, though.) away from writing on a computer, because I lose the attachment to the work and control of the language. On the other hand, I could use some of the speed. PARTICULARLY if I’m about to write a novel, and I am. I’m worried that, handwriting, I’ll go so slow I’ll lose it (like I’m in the process of losing a short story), just because life has conspired in its insidious and well-meaning way, of slowing me down unbelievably.

But I’m worried worried if I type, I’ll end the novel and feel too disconnected to want to touch it again. That’s one thing I’ve really gained since I handwrite all my stories. I finish them and care about their quality and what happens to them. With typing, too often, I was just on to the next thing. I don’t want to gamble and write a novel on the computer and get to the end and have no interest in it.

On the other hand, it’s been almost precisely a year since I’ve been only-handwriting my fiction, and I’ve learned a lot. And it’s been YEARS since I’ve attempted a novel. I’ve learned a lot there, too. Some discipline, for one thing. So it’s a gamble that I might take and find it pays off.

On the other hand, I HAVE written a story by typing just recently, and one of the first things that happens is, I lost control of the language. I don’t care for that at all, and I don’t want that in a short story, OR a novel.

But there IS the matter of speed. I’m so slow at the moment, it’s literally too-slow-to-write. The water stagnates before I’m…um. Well, I didn’t think of an END to that metaphor. Before I’m eating tacos, the water has stagnated, and all the Toucans have flown the coop. There’s your mudderfuggin metaphor.

Where was I?

Oh right. Making tea to fuel the Peter Damien Patented Pondering Engines.

I think we’ll nip into some of the fancy fancy teas that Kristine sent me from the Tea Festival. Let’s see what we can make…

Love & ?


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2 responses to “writing methods & me

  1. Shadow Ferret

    January 30, 2011 at 10:13 am

    I only have one suggestion. Start it handwritten first and see how that goes. If it’s too slow, you can always move to the computer. If the handwriting is working for you, and if you just recently tried computer and were dissatisfied, then that means I need another cup of coffee.

  2. san_remo_ave

    February 10, 2011 at 1:43 pm

    Hey Pete,

    How are you? Did you ever finish your Roman novel? Was always curious to read it when it pubbed.

    We miss you on AW.



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