19 Mar

I’ve been off fiddling with Tumblr for a little while now, and thought I’d finally mention it here and point you there.

I like it because sometimes I don’t have time to type a long blogpost, but DO have time to post a photo or video or something. At the moment, I do that to Facebook. But what if someone doesn’t HAVE facebook? Besides, I like things to hang around and be easily viewable for longer than a day, and on Facebook that isn’t the case. I like blogs as scrapbooks and journals.

so. It’s:

And since I’m always busy, I’m sure it’ll be JUST as active as THIS blog has been of late. Thee be warned.

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One response to “Tumblr

  1. Dave Clary

    March 19, 2012 at 8:16 pm

    Who are these people you leave photos online for who don’t have Facebook? Surely such a people belong to myth.


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