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10 Mar

Well it’s been a while since I’ve been around here, hasn’t it? I wandered off to Tumblr, and now I’ve wandered back. Tumblr is fun — sometimes, sort of — but it doesn’t have any PAGES, and I really want that Bibliography page on the blog.

Speaking of biblio-things: I have a short story being published in Something Wicked magazine in their upcoming March issue. It’ll be available online to read — alone with an interview, with ME! — on March 20th. I’ll link to it when it appears.

I also have a book coming out later this year (September, perhaps? I don’t know the exact date yet.) It’s a collection of my short stories, the ones I can stand to look at. I’ll talk about that more as I get closer.

Mainly, I just think it’s time I maintain a little more of an active web-presence, and we’re going to call this web-site-bloggy-thing a web-presence.

Well, I mean besides the big web-presence that is my endless flood of chatter onto Twitter. I hope that counts for something. 

I’ll try to talk more here, beyond posts like this saying “Hello I haven’t talked on here much.” And I’ll update the biblio page. It’s pretty well out of date.

Finally, if you came here via, I am so sorry for that stupid-ass banner on the bottom of the screen. I regret having used to get my domain name. They’ll get rid of that banner if I pay them an extra fifty bucks, which is bollocks. It’s like buying tires for cheap, then paying a hundred bucks for the air. So for a little while, I’m afraid we have to look at it.


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