Alan Moore, online

16 Mar

This afternoon, I was giddy to discover a nearly forty minute long video of nothing but Alan Moore, reading a chapter from the book he’s been working on for years, JERUSALEM. I haven’t watched it yet, as of this posting. I am saving it up for when the kids are asleep and I can put headphones on and really pay attention. Still, finding it left me wanting to talk about Alan Moore, and the internet. It’s very interesting.

Alan Moore’s pretty much an utter luddite. That word is kind of inaccurate to use in this context, because when I think luddite, I think of someone who hates technology, and he doesn’t particularly hate technology. He just cheerfully acknowledges that while the rest of the world gets on with it, the fanciest piece of technology he has is a fax machine and a pretty old Mac which he writes on.

No official web-site, no twitter account, no facebook page, no internet connection. Nada. Zilch. He is “dark,” when it comes to the internet.

Except…he isn’t. Here’s the interesting bit:

Despite not having an internet connection, he has a tremendous internet presence. All one has to do is go onto youtube and type in his name, you will be rewarded with a great wealth of videos from all throughout the years. Here’s him in December, talking about a speech he just gave at “Nine Lessons and Carols for Godless People” . Here’s him on the Culture Show, talking about Austin Osman Spare.

What’s more, here’s Moment of Moore on twitter, who post interesting Alan Moore bits and bobs pretty frequently.

Here’s a quite large interview with him, published only last week.

Now the point I’m making here with what is frankly a smidge of the amount of Alan Moore stuff on the internet is…despite not having an active internet presence, he has a HUGE internet presence anyway. It’s one of the interesting things about the internet, a place where Samuel Pepys — a man who has been dead for hundreds of years — has a very active and busy and real twitter account, in its own way. Alan Moore doesn’t NEED to be on the internet to have a busy, and very current internet presence.

I find that fascinating. I also occasionally envy it, to be honest. I am far too compulsive on the internet, and it gobbles up too much of my time and my attention span for my own good. I like the idea of not really being on it, and yet continuing to be on it despite my lack of contribution to the matter.

I think it’s terribly interesting that you don’t have to be involved to have a web presence. Such is the world we live in, for good or bad. (Mostly, I think, for good.)

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